BERGVLIET TENNIS CLUB is a homely community based sports facility where you can play social tennis for enjoyment and companionship, or team tennis for that competitive edge. Our courts are available every day in the mornings, and on those afternoons when our local schools are not busy playing matches or practicing.

Throughout the year on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 8am (later in the darker winter months), we have regular social tennis for members, visitors and guests. Saturday afternoon also is a time to meet up, play and chat. – As one of our long-standing members was once heard to say “we are one big family”.

Bergvliet Tennis Club is a constituent member of the Bergvliet Sports Association. The Association hosts five sports clubs: Bowls, Cricket, Hockey, Squash and Tennis. Members of each of the five clubs are also members of the Association and have full use of the clubhouse and it’s facilities. These include a bar, lounge, meeting rooms and areas for indoor activities – from Aerobics to Zen contemplation.

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