SPORTS AT SCHOOLS – The playing of sport is part of any school’s educational curriculum. The top five sports played at schools are the ‘Big Three’: Rugby, Soccer and Cricket, followed by Athletics and Swimming.

However, not all young people at school choose to participate in one of the top five sports. Their sport of choice may be hockey, netball, basketball or tennis, if facilities are available to them at their school or nearby.

In recent years the Bergvliet Tennis Club has been an enthusiastic host to those local schools which have no tennis courts, or insufficient court space to satisfy all their needs for tennis teaching, practice and school match play. On weekday afternoons during the schools’ tennis seasons, our courts are active and busy with young players and their teachers learning, practicing and playing the game that they have chosen as the sport they may well take through to adulthood.

It is a primary objective of Bergvliet Tennis Club to be a local center for School tennis.

With the support of the Bergvliet Sports Association the Tennis Club has adopted a School’ Tennis Outreach project, the particular aim of which, is to bring tennis to those local schools which do not have this sport as part of their curriculum. And, of course, to generally bring more school players to our courts in Children’s Way Bergvliet.

More information about the Outreach Project and School Tennis at Bergvliet is available on request.

Contact Roger Fisher on 021 713 0532 or email him at for more information.

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