What Is Index 2 in Rent Agreement

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Please visit the research on Igr Maharashtra. Government. In and enter the document number of the recipient of the record, you can see index 2 This article explains what the Index – II or Index 2 document means when you save a document or refer to a saved document. 1) Index 2 is a summary of all documents registered with the Sub-Registrar. The Registration Act prescribes the preparation and maintenance of the number of indexes that must be kept for record-keeping purposes. This is proof that the document was submitted for registration 3) It is not your fault that the original registered agreement was moved by the office 2) Index 2 is proof of your registration of the deed of sale. The buyer`s contact address is provided incorrectly. As in , an incorrect PIN is entered. The state therefore shows itself differently.

But the address of the property, the name and the pan of the seller and the buyer are correct. Will this affect the disbursement of the loan? If the original relating to your apartment has been lost, then it is not your fault. It is the duty of the Agency to keep the records, and that is precisely what is called an index. 2) Submit an RTI application to Mamledar Office to find out why index 2 was not performed by your apartment I bought an apartment in 2009. These record details are not displayed in the search report. The research report mentions the names of previous apartment buyers. You have also registered the cancellation certificate with the registry authorities. Please note that my registrar differs from the registrars of previous buyers for initial registration and cancellation certificates. Please indicate in the research folders how you can request corrections. Shailesh Thakkar 1)Index 2 contains the total transaction amount for your property.

It does not contain any information about what is paid or remains. Index 2 is part of the deed of sale. What is Index II Index II is a publicly available document with the following important details: 1] Type of agreement 2] Apartment number or house number with property survey number 3] Names of both parties (seller, buyer) 4] Transaction price (compensation), Ready-Recliner price (market price) 5] Date and time of agreement and date and time of contract registration 6] Stamp duty paid and registration amounts Paid We want our Index 2 and we run everywhere to get that. Need help getting this document. My husband and I inherited from my mother 1/2 undivided share in a responsible apartment in Pune according to her registered will. We need to prepare Index II. For this I immediately hereded 1/2 part. The undivided part Bal.

1/2 is given by the only surviving heir, my brother`s son. The deed of assignment has already been registered with us for its part and Indexii for the same 1/2 share. Stamp duty and registration fees are also paid. Pl. Send me the format of the application letter to be submitted a) For the transfer of our new names to PMC and b) For the application of the Index-II and c) what documents are required to receive the Index II FOR the legacy part. D) What are the fees and e) the complete procedure to have our new names and INDEX-II transferred for our inherited 1/2 action. E) Also indicate who we need to contact, with the correct address and contact numbers. If possible. Please guide us elders so that we can apply and mutate our names and also receive INDEX-II. Index 2 Download the real estate document / How to download the index II of the registered agreement and the deed of sale. (1) Four of these registers shall be established at all registrars and shall each bear index no.

I, index no. II, index no. III and index no. IV. For the registration of an apartment in Haveli No. 2 in Pune in February 2001, the computer-aided document format of Index II was not used at that time. Is it acceptable to file a copy of the registration receipt or does the buyer have to receive a computerized receipt retroactively or what? I buy a registered housing contract at the registrar, but the date of the agreement is empty, how to be updated in the registrar, please instruct . This request made by the bank before emptying the check See from the receipt of the registration you will receive the number of the document, you will receive a certified copy of the registered document and will request index 2 at the sub-registration office where it is registered. I want to learn how to fill out the index form. Nondani Challan and document processing Are there facilities for training? Please inform, can I download this document (index 2) online, and is it a valid document? When I download. In the state of Maharashtra, the local term is used as Suchi-2 for Index-2.

There are 4 types of indexes created by the registrar, which are categories by document type, which are as follows. Click here to learn how to download Index II online. (4) Register No III shall contain the names and supplements of all the persons referred to in Book III. execute a registered will and any power of attorney . . .